• Accelerate


    Sometimes innovations get stuck.
    A great idea may languish and lose its window of opportunity because there's no team to run with it. There may be too many ideas, with no decision-making process to identify the great ones. A group may experience growing pains as they figure out how to work cohesively as a team. The concept may be ready to roll, with great customer traction, but existing company policy may create huge internal hurdles to jump before ever going to market.

  • Intervene


    Change takes persistence and resilience.
    Interrupting business as usual to allow something new to flourish. Engaging people with radically different perspectives, skills and experience levels. Questioning assumptions and really listening to the answers. Crafting a new story to focus and engage the team.

  • Facilitate


    Most innovation requires a team – to solve the right problem, develop the right solution, bring it to market, and grow it into a successful business.

    Innovation takes empathy – not only for the customer, but also for teammates. It takes respect and collaboration to build a strong culture of innovation. Expert facilitation and coaching can transform leaders into innovation champions.

Kick Start Your Innovations

Innovation is Social partners with organizations to discover deep insights about customer needs and develop solutions and experiences that satisfy and delight. Using a fresh, playful, visual and experiential approach, we partner with product management, design and development leaders to tackle business challenges and seize opportunities.

Through problem-solving workshops and coaching, leaders gain direct experience in establishing a sustainable culture of innovation. As a result, products get to market faster, spark raving fans and accelerate business growth.

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