Problems We Solve & Results We’ve Delivered

Large organizations face unique innovation challenges. Senior executives have conflicting priorities – continue to drive and scale results of existing solutions, while also creating a robust portfolio of innovative products and services. We accelerate innovation by operationalizing team process, diving deep to understand the problem, experimenting to learn what works, and designing solutions from the perspective of the entire system.

Start-ups need to learn what works – quickly. They need to validate the customer need and make sure they are solving a real problem. Then they need to prioritize benefits, then develop and release solutions that deliver on their promise.

Our projects make the most of resources you already have. Our action-learning approach enables teams to develop new solutions, while also developing skills and the mindset needed to bring innovations to market — quickly and repeatedly.


Solve the Right Problem

  • Understand customer context, motivations, unmet needs and the competitive landscape
  • Identify game-changing insights about target market segments and opportunities for competitive advantage
  • Use customer insights and the power of story to generate concepts that delight stakeholders

Deliver the Right Solution

  • Build capacity to deliver “WOW!” solutions, including experience design and business model innovations
  • Design and launch data-based experiments to learn what works while minimizing risk
  • Develop prototypes and “to-be” stories to guide product development

Develop a Culture of Innovation

  • Provide coaching support for innovation leaders as they develop high-performing teams
  • Shift mindsets that inhibit cross-team collaboration
  • Use empathy, transparency and rapid experimentation to increase employee engagement and business growth


These methods have helped:

  • A well-known retailer understand how to transform their brand to reach new market segments
  • A pharmaceutical company re-imagine the drug development process
  • A Fortune 500 retailer understand and design an integrated omnichannel experience
  • A major retailer re-imagine the future of the superstore
  • A Fortune 100 Insurance Company re-imagine the analyst experience and deliver ways to support deep investigative analysis
  • CloudOn (recently acquired by Dropbox) test assumptions about their value proposition, and identify lead users for their next-gen product
  • SAP to develop a series of consumer-based mobile applications and an award-winning NFL Pro-Scouting application
  • A well-known CRM provider understand “The Future of Sales” and define a strategic vision for a revolutionary new product
  • TalentCove identify core needs, develop personas, and build an application to serve its primary audience
  • UnitedHealth Group to learn methods for increasing team collaboration and innovation
  • A Fortune 1000 global clothing manufacturer sell certified organic products by innovating the farm-to-manufacture supply chain process
  • Intuit design a delightful end-to-end onboarding experience to increase employee engagement and retention
  • A global fitness equipment company develop an innovation portfolio and pipeline of product and service innovations
  • Transform an engineering-focused start-up into a product and consumer-focused company
  • A financial services company identify reasons for customer defection, and define new offerings to attract and retain new customers
  • A NHL franchise identify and conceptualize new sources of revenue